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Water Main Flushing continues

Flushing will begin on Monday, April 3, and may continue for three weeks. Customers can expect cloudy or dirty water (caused by oxidation) and reduced pressures for a short period in the immediate area of flushing. Should any of these conditions persist beyond one day, customers should contact the District office.

While cloudy water may appear, there should be no alarm regarding the safety of the water for consumption. Disinfection through chlorination will continue and the chlorine level will be slightly raised as further precaution.

Contact the District office for daily flushing areas or like us on Facebook to receive the daily updates in your feed.

The recent storms have improved our water supply significantly, increasing storage at Paradise Reservoir to 100% of capacity. The inflow into Magalia Reservoir is large enough to require us to release water downstream to maintain the level restricted by the Department of Water Resources, Division of Safety of Dams. We are taking the opportunity to use water for flushing, rather than releasing the water downstream of Magalia Reservoir.

District personnel will engage in a water main flushing program to flush possible sediment build up or stagnant water from portions of the distribution system. Good water practice and the California Department of Public Health require periodic flushing of the pipeline system. Flushing will begin from the north portion of the Town of Paradise down the Skyway, Clark Road and Pentz Road corridors, including streets and roads in between. Crews will continue to flush throughout the District southward to the District’s boundaries.When you know the day your neighborhood will be affected, please help by notifying neighbors who may not be aware of the flushing.

Careful attention should be paid to the water when washing clothes as cloudy water could stain certain items.

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Annual Water Quality Report

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Updated Urban Water Management Plan


The purpose of the Urban Water Management Plan is to inform the public and state agencies of the Paradise Irrigation District's water supply availability, exposure to droughts, conservation efforts, and plans for future supply. Urban Water Management Plans are prepared by California's urban water suppliers to support their long-term resource planning and ensure adequate water supplies are available to meet existing and future water demands.

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